About the Fitter – Dave LeBlanc

Dave LeBlanc is a lifelong golfer with a passion for the game. He has been fitting clubs for over 10 years. His analytical mind and attention to detail, coupled with his knowledge of swing mechanics allows him to fit golfers with clubs where every component is precisely specified. Most of his clients come from referrals by area golf club professionals, who recognize his superior results.


A word from our satisfied clients.

Janice and I were referred to Dave by Sue Powers the 2013 LPGA Teacher of the Year. So for our birthdays this year we gave each other complete bag fittings with Dave. What a terrific and fun experience that proved to be.

Dave magically blends state-of-the-art technology, player feedback, his personal insights and humor to make the process enjoyable and fact-based. He is patient and you never feel rushed or “on the clock” as he methodically moves through irons, hybrids, fairway clubs and driver. Dave explored so many more club, shaft and grip combinations than we ever imagined were available. You emerge from the fitting with confidence that “your” new clubs will fit you and your swing perfectly regardless of your handicap or age.

If you’re lucky you might even get a swing tip or two during the fitting. Don’t waste your time with the 30 minute demo days … Run to see DAVE!


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Joe & Janice LaFramboise

My club fitting experience at Golf Advantage was second to none! I highly recommend them to any golfer who wants to improve their game.

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Spencer King

They do a great job with their club fitting process because they are very patient with their clients. They also provide top notch, brand name equipment to evaluate. My wife and I continue to use them.

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Jerry Mumaw

I was a golfer who didn’t get too serious about golf till about 7-8 years ago. In the past I have just bought clubs off of the shelves, and never got fitted until I ran into Dave at Golf Advantage. It didn’t take long to figure out that Dave was the right guy for a club fitting session. Very easy to work with and knows what he is doing. He is very detailed, and I am very happy with the end results!… 1st hole in one and lowest score to date (75) have all happened since my fitting in March!!

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John Yoder

My driver for the last seven years, which I consider my best club, enables me to consistently hit drives of 220-240 yards. My new driver has me reaching 270-280 yards and sometimes more than 300. At 76, I’m thrilled to outdrive my younger and stronger golf buddies. The best part is that my miss-hits now are almost always still in play.

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Mike Sisti

University Park, FL

Early this year, I turned 63 and eased into retirement. My wonderful wife, Denise, agreed to buy me a new set of clubs as a retirement gift. The year before, I had previously heard about Dave and Golf Advantage thru several of my customers. “You have to go see Dave!”

Boy, am I glad I took their advice. After contacting Dave, we agreed to meet at Legacy to “work thru the clubbing process”. After an hour of “monitoring” several of my clubs, we went thru 4-5 different manufacturer’s club heads, lofts, lie angles and shafts. Dave then analyzed an assortment of monitor numbers…shot shape, ball speed, spin rate, swing speed, etc. When he completed the iron fitting, I was hitting his recommended 7 iron, fifteen yards further than my 6 iron!! Incredibly, I was hitting it higher and longer, and landing it softly. What followed was the fitting for the driver. Same result…I’ve now added 20 yards off the tee box.

Since the fitting 9 months ago, this 16 handicapper has broken 80 three times! (previously, twice in 2 years). So for me, there’s no doubt…getting fitted by Dave at Golf Advantage has made golf FUN again!

“You have to go see Dave!”

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Jim Stufflebeam

There are different levels of club fitting available to golfers. Unfortunately, trying to get fit for clubs off-the-rack, at a demo day or at a retail golf store is very likely to be disappointing. One needs to be fit for clubs by a trained professional who is knowledgeable, experienced and takes the time to focus on you alone. It’s an added bonus if you can have fun going through the process. I wholeheartedly recommend Dave LeBlanc at Golf Advantage. It’s by far the best club fitting experience and results for me.

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Roger O'Donnell

Perhaps like other women golfers, I was skeptical that fitted clubs would benefit me. Thanks to my new clubs, I’m playing the best golf of my life. It’s remarkable what a difference fitted clubs have made. The entire experience was educational, rewarding and, best of all, enjoyable. Do yourself a favor, go see Dave LeBlanc. You’ll be truly glad you did.

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Sheila Martin

My experiences with Golf Advantage have been nothing less than fantastic. Anyone who plays golf needs and wants good golf clubs.  Clubs that suit his or her swing, his or her body, and his or her abilities. Dave LeBlanc at Golf Advantage fit me for a new driver. My time spent with Dave convinced me to come back and purchase a new 3 and 5 wood. Ultimately, I ended up with a new set of irons as well. Golf Advantage’s only interest is in making certain that those whom they fit are satisfied and professionally tailored into a club or clubs they want. Technology aids the process, but in my mind there’s nothing like the human aspect of choosing the correct clubs that Dave LeBlanc provides easily, and with a great sense of humor. I am thoroughly impressed and satisfied that my money was well spent. I will never buy new clubs without going through the Golf Advantage process.

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Tim Koerner

The process of club fitting with Dave at Golf Advantage was absolutely satisfying. Dave is methodical and patient in his pursuit of the proper clubs. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have recommended him to many of my friends.

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Jaclyn Keller

Thanks for the vital, excellent tips and a great first time experience in fitting. Use my name as a reference anytime you wish.

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Jerry Treem