golf-swing-blogAs golfers we all want to improve our game. We take lessons, attend clinics, read tips from pros, and watch instruction TV. And when the annual equipment issues of the golf magazines come out, we read about all the new clubs and the technology developments being introduced. And every couple of years, we take the plunge and spend a big chunk of change on a new set of clubs with the expectation that we’re going to take a few strokes off our game. And while we’re excited about our shiny new clubs, the lower handicap never seems to materialize.

Golf equipment over the years has made tremendous technological strides. But when you measure the advances, and the number of years it has taken to achieve them, you realize that they come in very tiny increments.

So, if you’re serious about improving your game and take a substantial number of strokes off your handicap, there is only one way. The instant gratification can only come from a set of golf clubs that have been designed and built specifically for your game, your swing, and your level of proficiency. Combining custom fitted clubs with the slight modification in your set-up, grip, and swing, and you will be in a different league of golfer – one who is playing to his potential, and is truly enjoying the game.

Why be one of the 97% of golfers playing with the wrong clubs? Get fitted and get on with playing your best.