About the Fitter – Dave LeBlanc

Dave LeBlanc is a lifelong golfer with a passion for the game. He has been fitting clubs for over 10 years. His analytical mind and attention to detail, coupled with his knowledge of swing mechanics allows him to fit golfers with clubs where every component is precisely specified. Most of his clients come from referrals by area golf club professionals, who recognize his superior results.

The Club Fitting Process

Determining the Best Shaft


The Mizuno Shaft Optimizer takes six measurements of your swing to determine the best shafts for your particular swing. These include club head speed, tempo, toe down position, kick angle and release factor.

Analyzing Your Swing

flightscope-thumbThe advanced technology that combines radar data and industrial electronics delivers 3D motion tracking plus 23 precise measurements that enable the club fitter to accurately analyze and specify every component of each golf club.

grip-fitting-processOften overlooked, grip size is a critical component of the process. Grips are accurately measured, and material and style are selected to complete the fitting procedure.

These are examples of some of the charts and data files that the program delivers. The Club fitter analyzes this information to determine every specification of the different club categories. The order form shown details the specifications that are sent to the club manufacturers to build the clubs to the exact tolerances.


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