Mizuno announces its top U.S. golf equipment fitters for 2016. These experts, acknowledged as the best in the golf industry, are committed to helping golfers improve their game by pairing them with the exact right golf equipment.

David LeBlanc, a lifetime golfer, has been a professional club fitter for the past ten years. He attributes his success to the combination of his intense training, the advanced technology he employs, and the fitting process that takes place on grass at a driving range. This, plus the added instruction that is included in his fittings ensure satisfied customers.

The fitting technology used in the process includes Flightscope, the recognized, superior tracking system with military-grade radar that takes 23 measurements of each ball hit. It also includes Mizuno’s Shaft Optimizer, a customization element that allows the fitter to measure club head speed, tempo, shaft toe down, shaft kick angle and release factor during the swing. These factors indicate how the shaft is bending during the swing, and ultimately the Shaft Optimizer software can recommend the ideal shaft bending profile, which will deliver maximum consistent energy transfer to the ball.

The fitting process provides a trove of data that allows LeBlanc to analyze and specify the multiple components for each club to maximize the performance of golfers of all handicap levels, helping to correct gaps, improve accuracy, or increase distance pending a golfer’s swing profile.

LeBlanc’s company, Golf Advantage is based at the practice facility of Legacy Golf in Lakewood Ranch. His reputation for club fitting accuracy has become legend in the area, and golf pros from all over southwest Florida refer their members to him.