About the Fitter – Dave LeBlanc

Dave LeBlanc is a lifelong golfer with a passion for the game. He has been fitting clubs for over 10 years. His analytical mind and attention to detail, coupled with his knowledge of swing mechanics allows him to fit golfers with clubs where every component is precisely specified. Most of his clients come from referrals by area golf club professionals, who recognize his superior results.

About Golf Advantage

There are many ways to be fitted for clubs, ranging from a club pro watching you drive balls on a range using various brands of clubs, to hitting balls into a net in a computerized booth with a sales rep suggesting different clubs. And then there’s Golf Advantage.

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The Golf Advantage program combines the most advanced military-grade radar, a proprietary computer system, a shaft optimizer, and a master club fitter analyzing the results of each swing you take. The fitting takes place outdoors on a driving range, hitting off grass. The resulting shots are equivalent to what you experience on the golf course.

During this process, the club fitter also provides instruction on set-up, grip, and swing mechanics to maximize ball striking. And following all that, he then designs the clubs for optimum performance.