Tour Caliber Club Fitting

Every professional golfer plays with precision-fit, custom clubs.
And now you can too!

Master Club Fitting • FlightScope Analysis • Shaft Optimizer • Fitting Conducted on Grass

Extremely Accurate Tools

Shaft Optimizer, plus Flightscope technology with military-grade radar for precise recording of all elements of the golf swing.

Evaluate Your Swing

Flightscope measures 23 components of the swing, club, and ball flight, plus personal observations and comparisons for in-depth evaluation.

Personalized Improvement

Advanced equipment, observation and instruction combine to enhance the swing and design the perfect fitting clubs.

“If you own clubs, they should be custom fitted, pure and simple.”

Forbes Magazine

There is no substitute for fitted clubs

If you are serious about golf, then get serious about your clubs. Only 3% of all golfers have clubs that fit their swing style, body type, club speed, and launch angle. Almost no one who purchases a set off-the-shelf clubs will have them perform properly. By using stock equipment, no matter how expensive, the odds of reaching your potential are infinitesimal.

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